Sara Gadd, UK

It is my great pleasure to be here and judge you all in this beautiful country .
I have judged here once before and thoroughly enjoyed the stay and your wonderful hospitality .
I am a kennel club A panel judge judging regularly in the UK and when I can in Europe . I enjoy watching your dogs, the standard is so high.
I have made up two Field Trial champions Mansengreen Diesel of Birdsgreen and Brindlebay Gertie of Birdsgreen and bred one Birdsgreen Sweet Reward of Castlemans and been fortunate to qualify for the IGL championship 9 times. I am at the moment running Birdsgreen Slipstream who has competed well in tests in 2016.
Mike and I run a joint kennel together in a beautiful spot in England on the Norfolk /Suffolk borders.
Wishing you all good luck and most of all to enjoy your dogs!


Mike Tallamy, UK

I have been training dogs since 1985 and formed the Brindlebay affix in 1990. I have made up 7 Field Trial Champions and bred 5. I have won the IGL retriever championship in 2002 and judged it in 2015 and qualified in the same year.
I have also judged the Coupe d'Europe championship and the Belguim retriever championship.
The invitation to judge the IWT will be my fourth , as an active field trialler and working test competitor I appreciate the amount of work and time that goes into the preparation of a top dog.
With this in mind I am looking forward to judging you all in a firm and positive manner .
I wish all competitors the very best of luck and am honoured to be asked to judge the IWT for a fourth time.


Filip Bollen, BE

In 1985 I started training and handling retrievers. Together with my brother Stef and wife Lydia we founded our kennels STARCREEK and have several Labradors at the moment.
I participate mostly in Field Trials and sometimes in working tests in Belgium and abroad. Up till today I made up 4 Field Trial Champions and represented Belgium at several occasions at International events. I also had the honour to be the first continental handler winning a trial in England with my homebred Labrador bitch Int. & B FT CH Starcreek Zally. In 2003 I was a team member when Belgium won the FCI Coupe d'Europe and in 2004 I won the semi final and final at the Individual European Challenge Cup ( ICC) in Hungary. Further I won twice the Belgian Championship.  
I am a FCI Field Trial judge for retrievers and judged FT’s and working tests all over Europe. I am also a member of the committee of The Belgian Labrador Retriever Club and chairman of the working commission. I love to go out shooting, picking up and competing my own dogs in FT’s.
I want to thank the organisation for the invitation and whish all the teams the best of luck.

Zsolt Böszörményi, HU

My interest for retriever sport began in 2000, when we bought our first lab as a family pet. After having seen working labradors on field trials, it was a straight way to the world of working retrievers and than field trialing.
Till today we made up 3 dogs to field trial champions, Int. FTCH Eddie of Dukefield, Int. FTCH Starcreek Ginger, and Int. FTCH Fly of Dukefield. Fly has become 2. on the Austrian-Hungarian FT Championship in 2011. In 2012  Int. FTCH Starcreek Ginger won the Austrian-Hungarian Field Trial Championship.
I train my dogs for shooting and field trials, but I enjoy running them on working tests too.
I regularly give trainings at home and abroad.
We breed working labradors under the prefix „Brookbank” - our goal is to breed retrievers with good natural abilities who are easy to train and handle.
I have always worked actively for our sport, in 2005 we founded the Working Retriever Club of Hungary, I am president of the club since. In 2011 we organised the IWT in Hungary.
Thank you for inviting me, it is a great honour to be here and judge the IWT in Finland, which is one of my favourite countries.
I wish every success to the organizers, and best of luck to the competitors!

Tomi Sarkkinen, FI

I got my first labrador year 2000. I am a serious hunter and I wanted a dog that can pick up game. My first dog breeder Maija Lappalainen (Kennel Jummi-Jammin) made me interested about competing with dogs. Of course I had done some mistakes with my first dog and decided take a new puppy from same breeder year 2003. That dog FI & SE KVA Jummi-Jammin Frankenstein taught me a lot and I made great results with him in cold game tests.
Next puppy I got year 2006 FI & SE KVA Jummi-Jammin Nefernefernefer. I got her very soon cold game test champion in Finland and Sweden. I was little bit unlucky with her because her elbows got broken when she was only four years old. Same time (year 2007) when I trained her I got new puppy from Hungary. C.I.T FI & SE & NO KVA FI & SE KVA-FT Blackthorn Bion has been a perfect dog for me. I have won with him a lot of trials and working tests. He has also won Finnish Labrador championship 2009, Swedish retriever championship year 2012 and 2014 and he has elected best hunting Labrador of the year four times in a row. Now I am competing with Wijmas Mumin who is three years old and has won already his first field trial.

I started to breed Labradors year 2012 with kennel name NO MORE. At this moment I have four dogs in training and of course I also hunt a lot with them.

I have been professional gundog trainer for retrievers since 2013 when I started my own company called Koirapalvelu Tomi Sarkkinen. Working with different dogs and races has made me better trainer.

I am now ability test, working test  and field trial judge. I love to watch dogs which can work in a good relationship with handler and can still work independently. We don’t need a dog to pick up that bird which we can pick up ourselves - we need a dog if the game is missing!

Thank you for inviting me and looking forward to see you all!