The Breeding Committee gives information and help about breeding. The Committee publishes examination results of hips, elbows and eyes as well as other interesting information. 

All data is published in the Finnish Kennel Club's Database. Breeders can seek help when selecting a suitable stud dog, and receive information about a particular sire’s offspring. Every one will receive help regardless of his/her brood bitch’s show and field results or the lack of them. Health issues have a high priority.

The Club’s opinion is that the breeder has the final responsibility regarding the health and breed qualitities of any bred litter. 

Breeding committee chair

Hannele Jokisilta
Kirstinmäki 7 C 49
02760 Espoo
Tel. +358-50-5692 174

Breeding information

Johanna Isaksson
Tel. +358-40-9668 602

Breeding information for field trial 

Heli Siitari
Tel. +358-40-8267 998