The Club’s aim is to promote the breeding of high quality Labradors and to activate all Labrador owners to take part in breed-specific activities.

The Club was founded in 1980 and during 1994 - 1999 it functioned as a breed club.  It is a member of the Finnish Kennel Club, the Finnish Retriever Organisation and the Kennel District of Helsinki. 

From the 20th of November 1999 the Club was accepted as the Official Breed Club in Finland, thus it has full responsibility of the Labrador’s development and breeding in this country. The Club organizes working tests, field trials and field tracking tests as well as training in these areas. In addition the Club organizes two unofficial field trials, the Labrador Derby and the Labrador Championship. 

There are 3 official shows every year, held in different locations. These shows are judged by breed specialists from all over the world and draw a high number of entries. Therefore they offer a good picture of the quality of Labradors in Finland. The Club Show and the Puppy Show are unofficial events organized by the Club. The Club also publishes a pedigree book every second year.


For further information please contact

Lotta Vuorinen (Chair)
tel. +358-50-3270 371
email: lotta(at)

Sanna Nurminen (Memberships)
email: labradorijasen(at)