Club Show 2019

Club Show 17.8.2019

Tuomarit / Judges:

Urokset / Dogs: Benito Aznar, Endagora, Espanja
Nartut / Bitches: Prisca La Franca, Italia

Kuvat / Photos: Eva Vilamo

Tuomarikommentit / Judges' comments

BIS-I: EE JMVA  Glory Morning Merry Go All Around The World (left) & 
BIS-II: C.I.B FI MVA DK MVA HeW-18 Follies Don Basilio​ (right)

BIS-I Puppy: Brighter's Bijou​ (left) & BIS-II Puppy: Follies Kinky Wishes​(right)

BIS-I Veteran: Strongline’s Mary-Rose​ (right) & 
BIS-II Veteran: C.I.E. C.I.B. NORD & BALT CH NORD TR CH October's Gallipot​ (left)

BIS YEARLING: Mocnys Moonlight Knight


BIS BRACE: Jenzkun Sadetanssi & Mocnys Breakdance




Puppy 1: 5-7 months Puppy 1: 5-7 months 


1. Strongline's Rock The Boat
(Shalimar's The Animator-Strongline's Versace)

2. Brookhill´s Uncle Sam
(Brookhill´s Iron Man-Brookhill´s Kiss Of Fire)

3.Follies Kinky Boots
(Nipntuck Blame It On Fame-Follies Hundred Wishes)

4. Perfect Sweet Dream No Fair Rule
(Belotto Bella Mare-Perfect Sweet Dream Break Every Rule)

5. Upwards Genius
(Sjöbygårdens Scream and Shout-Upwards You Raise Me Up)

1. BIS II-pentu /BIS II-Puppy  
Follies Kinky Wishes

(Nipntuck Blame It On Fame-Follies Hundred Wishes)

2. Mocnys Breakdance
(Play the game Bella Mare-Jenzkun Sadetanssi)

3. Mallorn`s Red Dress
(Rainriver Prestige-Mallorn`s Red Carpet)

4. October's Wanna B Blonde
(Endagora Brooklyn-October's Ocean Colour Scene)

5. Strongline’s Rule Breaker
(Shalimar’s the Animator-Strongline’s Versace)


Puppy 2: 7-9 months Puppy 2: 7-9 months 


1. BIS-pentu/BIS-PUPPY
Brighter's Bijou

(Strongline's Rosco-Brighter's She Is The One)

2. Riemukupla Keijo
(Follies Don Basilio-Riemukupla Rauha)

3. Brighter`s Big Spender
(Strongline`s Rosco-Brighter`s She is the One)

4. Lilachill's Across The Universe
(Stronline's Down-to-earth-Lilachill's Beyonce)

5. Adventurer's Just A Man In An Island
(Adventurer's No Man's An Island-Adventurer's Vernaccia)

1. Adventurer's Just So You Know
(Adventurer´s No Man´s Island-Adventurer´s Vernaccia)

2. Mocnys Secret Sister
(Mocnys Moonlight Knight-Mocnys Black Sapphire)



Puppy 3: 9-12 months Puppy 3: 9-12 months 


1. Tiny Temptresses Slow Glowing Dream
(Nipntuck Blame It On Fame-Tiny Temptresses Mystique)

2. October's Vatican Roulette
(Nipntuck Blame It On Fame-October´s Nauru)

3. Temames King´Of The Evegreen Forest
(Nipntuck Blame It On Fame-Minaros Hulda)

4. Heathway To The Moon And Back
(Sandylands Over The Moon To Ludalor -Heathway Caienna)

1. Heathway Madness Of The Moon
(Sandylands Over The Moon To Ludalor- Heathway Caienna)

2. October´s Vegetablarian
(Nipntuck Blame It On Fame-October's Nauru)

3. Upwards Full Monty Fiinu
(Sjöbygårdens Scream And Shout-Upwards Urban Legend)

4. Brighter's And I Love Her
(Strongline's Cross-Country-Brighter's Ob-La-Da)

5. Okrados Neither Normal Or Ordinary
(Okrados Imperial Prince-Okrados Granma’s Favorite)


Junior 12-18 months Junior 12-18 months 


1. Strongline´s Old MacDonald
(Bloomwood Royal Major Globtrotter-Strongline´s Make My Day)

2. Strongline`s Next Game
(Vegas Night Bella Mare-Strongline`s Quickstep)

3. Strongline’s Like I Can
(Stronglines Master of Disaster-Stronglines Yes I can)

4. Birchbrook´s Sweet Indeed
(Mambrinos Fair Play-Birchbrook´s My Kiss)

5. Strongline`s Keyswinger
(Bruno Banani Bella Mare-Strongline`s Kissy)

1. Heathway Cinnamon Pop
(Richbourne MacDougal-Heathway Caramella)

2. Brookhill´s Ragtime
(Strongline´s Rosco-Brookhill´s Iron Lady)

3. Birchbrook Sweet Toffee
(Mambrinos Fair Play-Birchbrook´s My Kiss)

4. Strongline´s Okey Dokey
(Bloomwood Royal Major Globtrotter-Strongline´s Make My Day)

5. Mergus Jacaranda Tree
(Clearcreek Bonaventure Windsock-Mergus Happily Ever After)


Yearling: 18-24 months Yearling: 18-24 months 



1. BIS-I
Glory Morning Merry Go All Around The World

(Mallorn’s Keeps Gettin’ Better-Mallorn’s La Perla)

2. Cheektail's Secret Potion
(Mocnys Pep talk-Cheektail's Angel Eyes)

3. Brighter's Älskling
(Waterline's House Blend-Brighter's Queen Berry)

4. Rosanan Dazzling Rose
(Mambrinos Fair Play-Rosanan Rosemary)

5. Strongline´s Okey Dokey 
(Bloomwood Royal Major Globtrotter-Strongline´s Make My Day)

Mocnys Moonlight Knight

(Secret Way to my heart of Labgold-Mallorn's Silver Moon)

2. Strongline´s Old MacDonald 
(Bloomwood Royal Major Globtrotter-Strongline´s Make My Day)

3. Rosanan Duke of Roses
(Mambrinos Fair Play-Rosanan Rosemary)

4. Birchbrook´s Sweet Indeed 
(Mambrinos Fair Play-Birchbrook´s My Kiss)

5. Rosanan Da Capo
(Mambrinos Fair Play-Rosanan Rosemary)


Novice: over 24 months Novice: over 24 months 


1. Waterline´s Dashing Dion
(Bloomwood Royal Major Globtrotter-Follies Rain Or Shine)

2. Brighter´s Soldier of Fortune
(Neptune´s Legacy King Kong-Brighter´s Juicy Couture)

3. Birchbrook´s Love Is In The Air
(LAB’SPB USA Edition-Birchbrook´s Piece of Love)

4. October´s Phosphorus
(Mocnys Knoxville-October´s Hazy Days)

5. Temames Angel Anthony
(Naiken Xavier-Soldalens Angel Sleep)

1. Birchbrook´s Tiny Princess
(Richbourne MacDougal-Birchbrook´s My Love)

2. October's Ocean Colour Scene
(October´s Mario-October's Living Colour)

3. Mergus Ginger Wine
(Gallybob Barley Wine-Mergus Dolce Vita)

4. Saskian Choco Caramel
(Saskian Kurt Collins-Mariz Chocolate Corvette)

5.Temames Angel Aminda
(Naiken Xavier-Soldalens Angel Sleep)


Open Class: for everyone except champions Open Class: for everyone except champions 


1. Valdisterza Northern Bound
(Devonshires London Edition-Nursyland Esspresso Bambola At Val Di Sterza)

2. Okrados Follow Your Heart
(Aprilmist Up-To-Date-Okrados Alessia)

3. October's Nanook Of The North
(Charm Bluveil Mr Darcy-October's Greenpeace)

4. Kavamel Lumihiutale
(Aprilmist Up-To-Date-Kavamel Show Me The Way)

5. Okrados Captor Of Hearts
(Mallorn’s Ring My Bell-Aprilmist Cayennina)

1. Jenzkun Sadetanssi
(Mementos Mario-Mocnys Itsy-Bitsy)

2. Mergus Fabulous Chocolate
(Loresho Tango-Loresho Déjà Vu)

3. Birchbrook's Love Heart
(Lab'Spb Usa Edition-Birchbrook's Piece of Love)

4. Mergus Happily Ever After
(Adventurer's Mission-Mergus Evita Peron)

5. Birchbrook´s Tiny Princess 
(Richbourne MacDougal-Birchbrook´s My Love)


Champion Champion 


Follies Don Basilio

(Naiken Zephyr-Follies Quesada)

2. Mocnys Islander
(Sennas Rugó Of The Work Fellows-Mysis Usvainen Meri)

3. Birchbrook´s Eternal Sunshine
(Charm Bluveil Mr. Darcy-Birchbrook´s Joy-Pack)

4. Nipntuck Get In Line
(Figero Dafoz Herbu Zadora-Nipntuck Covergirl Of Chicago)

5. My Brand Sky Priority
(West Sib Story Aidaho-Arctic Sky Aquarelle)

1. Strongline’s Versace
(Bournhall’s on the Waterfront-Strongline’s Jubilee)

2. Kavamel Set Fire To The Rain
(Mallorn´s Silver Surfer-Follies Rain or Shine)

3. Soldalens Lady Marmalade
(Mambrinos Black Cup-Soldalens Cripps Pink)

4. Follies Birdie
(Sidewild Northern Frost-Follies Rainbow Bird)

5. Mocnys Itsy-Bitsy
(Sennas rugo of the work fellows-Mysis Usvainen Meri)


Field Trial: For those who has been awarded in FTField Trial: For those who has been awarded in FT


1. BIS-metsästysluokan koira/ BIS Field trial
October's Galipot

(Mementos Wagner-Strongline's Quickypiggy)

2. Strongline´s Rosco
(Sunnydaze Running Across The Miles- Strongline's Its A Kiss)

1. Stronglines Princess
(Shalimars The Animator-Stronglines Make My Day)

2. Upwards You Raise Me Up
(Mementos Vadillo-Upwards Urban Legend)

3. Birchbrook´s I´m So Happy
(Sidewild Northern Frost-Saskian X-tra Joy)

4. October's Greenpeace
(Mementos Wagner-Strongline´s Quikypiggy)


Veteran: 7-10 years old Veteran: 7-10 years old 


1. BIS II-veteraani/BIS II-veteran
October's Galipot

(Mementos Wagner-Strongline's Quikypiggy)

2. Upwards Taste Of Fame
(Devonshires London Edition-Upwards Prima Donna)

3. Adventurer's No Man's An Island
(Adventure's Second To None-Hyspire Jessica At Adventures)

4. Brighter`s Jet Set
(Follies Mon Oncle-Brighter`s Divina Commedia)

1. Minaros Hulda
(Naiken Xavier-Saskian Ariel)

2. Birchbrook´s I´m So Happy
(Sidewild Northern Frost-Saskian X-Tra Joy)

3. Soldalens Angel Sleep
(Lucky My Angel Touch-Rosanan Amorosa)

4. Brighter´s I Believe
(Lucky My Angel Touch-Brighter´s Emphatic Edwina)

5. Adventurer's Al Fresco
(Ghoststonehyspire dressed to impress-Adventurer's Gamay d'julienas)


Special Veteran: +10 years old Special Veteran: +10 years old 


1. Stenveyz Mango Mango
(Thanks A Lot De La Legende De La Loutre-Follies Moulin Rouge)

1. BIS I-veteraani/BIS I-Veteran
Strongline’s Mary-Rose

(Adventurer’s Taittinger-Strongline’s Vega)

2. Brighter's Emphatic Edwina
(Upwards Goodwill Gunnar-Brighter´s Black Label)

3. Aprilmist Cayennina
(Mallorn’s Aint Mizbehavin-Aprilmist Raclette)

4.October´s Early Haze
(Stronglines Mr Bean-Stronglines Quickypiggy)


Paras pari / Best brace

Jenzkun Sadetanssi & Mocnys Breakdance